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Aorasie Consulting believes in an approach that is tailored your needs. This is why it is important that you know what stage you are at in the evolution of your company or project. Here is a diagram that shows the major stages in the lifecycle of a project or a business, with some questions that will help you identify where you are in the process.

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

So, what will you change? Now that you have a better idea of the challenges you can overcome to improve yourself, do you need a consultant to get there? Rooted in psycho-sociology, Aorasie Consulting specializes in schools of thought, including those used in a range of management styles.

Here is a description of various schools of thought in management used by consultants in the Outaouais. From these descriptions, you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

  1. Instrumentalism
  2. Power games and control
  3. Life coaches
  4. Summary


(± 1950)

Based on a quantitative paradigm, in this approach everything is based on current progress. What counts is expansion, sales volume and the size of the company. Management is technocratic, instrumentalist and very rational. Generally, we find the currents of capitalism, industrialism and militarism, whose goals are to provide control. This trend is strongly influenced by the triple constraints of cost, time and quality. The managers are perceived as architects. In short, management is primarily used to achieve capitalist goals.

This type of management focuses mainly on internal activities related to the business: production, procurement, research and development, finance and accounting, marketing and human resources.

The limitations of this approach are primarily in:

  • The rigidity of management;
  • The overabundance of rules and procedures;
  • The great difficulty of achieving personal fulfillment;
  • The pervasive and overwhelming control.

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Power games and control

Power games and control
(± 1975)

The management model is one of legitimacy, a social arena in which power games serve the interests of powerful stakeholders. In power games, the management is no longer a tool, but a force for rallying speech, domination and control, resulting in the absence of meaning, ambivalence and fragmentation within the company. The management is based on rhetoric and communication.

The management starts therefore to turn to its external environment to understand the business better. It uses measures such as competitive intelligence, strategic plans, methods of work efficiencies, administrative structuring and risk management, all in order to support the internal war power.

The limitations of this approach are primarily in:

  • The loss of energy caused by the division within teams;
  • The lack of a sense of belonging;
  • Low efficiency of teams;
  • The lack of a long-term view.

Next school of thought

Life coaches

Life coaches (± 2000)

A new wave of consultants appears under the name of Life Coach. For about a decade, this kind of consulting has offered a totally different approach. Instead of the company, they focus on the individual. Their management model considers that the actors are embedded in a social context in constant transformation. So, the barrier between personal and professional life no longer exists; it is important to have a life oriented around the individual’s approach. Life coaches consider the manager a reflective agent.

The expertise related to this field is more related to the external environment and its influence. It includes social media, neurolinguistic programming, facilitation, coaching and training. In this era, project management and ephemeral factors also take an important role in management practices.

The limitations of this approach is that it focuses primarily on the individual, often only the head, and abandons all other elements of the business.
In summary


In summary

In summary, here is the overall description of the current management consulting styles in Outaouais.
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Aorasie Consulting is distinguished by its ability to rally the individual and society (business), through the concepts of psycho-sociology. It is through the combination of specific expertise from each school of thought that Aorasie Consulting can provide an added value. Instead of being a specialist of one discipline, Aorasie Consulting is a generalist that creates a link between the different disciplines.

Inspired by the work of Professor Jacques-Bernard Gauthier, Ph. D. UQO.

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Why Aorasie Consulting

Aorasie Consulting helps people become leaders beyond the bounds of any one school of thought. Indeed, psycho-sociology is the avant-garde of management practices. Only a few multinationals have followed this approach, leaving their competitors behind. This change is characterized by a different way of seeing the world, a different vision. That is why the Aorasie Consulting vision is to:

Contribute to the success of managers in their leadership roles by emphasizing the beautiful and the good in everyone, and to encourage personal growth and creating quality relationships.

It is important not to confuse vision and goal. A goal is a projection of where we want to be in the future, an ideal state. Thus, the objective of Aorasie Consulting is to:
Create a work environment that allows personal growth, happiness and high performance in order to make companies /projects prestigious and profitable.

And finally, there is the mission, that is to say, what it takes to put in place the vision and achieve the goal. To this end, the mission of Aorasie Consulting is to:
Co-build with managers a range of management tools, according to their needs, to help propagate their vision.

The name Aorasie comes from mythology and means that the "appearance of a deity is recognized as such only when it moves away." The term refers to a phenomenon that is recognized only when it disappears, so the value changes are recognized only after the end of the contract, because they are part of a process of accountability and reflection.

To achieve its mission, Aorasie Consulting uses several tools. Here are the main ones:

Which results would you like to obtain?

The results

The results

Customers who used the services of Aorasie Consulting had the following benefits:

  1. Creating a sense of belonging/identity;
  2. A thorough understanding of their market;
  3. Stress reduction;
  4. Increased motivation;
  5. Support for difficult decisions;
  6. Increased productivity;
  7. Strategic positioning in the market;
  8. Transfer and creation of knowledge within the company;
  9. Easier to communicate their vision and be understood;
  10. Decrease in internal rotation;
  11. Reduction of internal theft;
  12. A larger investment of employees in their work;
  13. Self-confidence;
  14. Trust in others;
  15. Creating spokespersons, ambassadors for their company for recruitment and advertising.

This list is suggestive and in no way limiting, because with a tailored approach, the benefits can also be customized.

The list of customers who have experienced these benefits is available upon request. Due to the competitive advantage brought by the services of Aorasie Consulting, they are not revealed publicly.

Who is behind Aorasie Consulting?


Jesse Schnobb


An entrepreneur at heart, Jesse Schnobb maintains a passion for the human element and a pursuit of happiness. This is at the core of his commitment. A manager for nearly 10 years, he has worked in many sectors, including as a teacher, researcher, consultant, technologist, civil engineer, worker on a production line, logistician and adventure guide for businesses of all sizes.

His involvement in many charity events allowed him to have great mentors who have mobilized crowds throughout the province of Quebec. He participated in the following projects:
Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie
Le Double Défi des Deux Mario
Le projet Innu-Meshkenu
L’Action Citoyenne à Vélo

As he noticed the huge impact of these leaders on a growing number of citizens, Jesse decided to begin his Masters in Project Management to pierce the mystery of mobilization. Although the theoretical aspect is important, it was really out in the field, in businesses and volunteering, that Jesse developed an understanding of what it takes to mobilize. Aorasie Consulting is the means of transmitting knowledge and experience to improve your business from here.


Le Parc des chutes de Denholm, un exemple de mobilisation citoyenne 2013
Colloque protection du territoire et alternatives régionales
De la motivation à la mobilisation, de leader d’individus à leader d’équipage 2013
Cégep de Mont-Laurier
N.B. It is possible to customize a conference.


  • Representative of the Université du Québec en Outaouais on the Table Jeunesse Outaouais 2013-2014
  • Project Manager of the revitalization of Denholm (Qc) 2011 - 2014
  • Project Manager assistant Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie 2010 - 2011
  • Member of the evaluation committee of the program Plein air et tourisme d’aventure - UQAC 2010
  • Project Manager of Action Citoyenne à vélo «Avant que ça déraille!» - Division Saguenay et Gatineau 2009 - 2012
  • Project Manager and Promoter of l’UQAC SnowJam 2009
  • Project Manager développement humanitaire au Pérou 2007 - 2008
  • Volunteer for the Canadian Adventure Therapy Symposium Chicoutimi (Qc) 2010

Awards and honours

  • Strathcona Medal 2011
  • Scholarship Abitibi-Bowater 2010
  • Scholarship of the Department of Humanities 2008
  • Scholarship in civil engineering 2008
  • 2nd prize in poetry Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi (Qc) 2008
  • Recognition of coaching Kin-Ball Outaouais, Gatineau (Qc) 2008

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